Courtesy by Noblegen UK

Tritron2 Generation System

Model Triton2 is suitable for a low consumption of liquid nitrogen application such as 10L per day. It is a single cubicle design with a safe dispense method and a full automated system. The generation system also includes 20L liquid nitrogen storage tank.

LN Series Generation System

Noblegen's LN series is suitable for a medium range liquid nitrogen consumption. LN series model are LN15/LN30/LN40/LN65/LN80 (the largest). It is a twin cubicle design with wheels for easy movement. It has various storage tank inside the cabinet base on the model option. If LN40 generators, the storage tank is about 100L size.

LN40AC Generation System

A Liquid nitrogen generation plant at UTM Johor. The user is using model LN40AC, which is an air-cooled type with 40 Liter perday production of liquid nitrogen.

LN Series generation sytem for NMR

For constant and automated consumption of liquid nitrogen for NMR equipment, customer installed LN10 for its NMR application.

Installation and Maintenance Service

KEMAS KURNIA is the authorized local agent to provide installation and maintenance services for NOBLEGEN products. Our engineers are well trained at NOBLEGEN factory.

LN Series for Gas Chromatograph

NOBLEGEN LN40 series for GC x GC Thermal modulation liquid supply system