SATRA TECHNOLOGY UK is a global known international technology center for knowledge, testing, research, training and services center for consumer goods since 1919. Satra manufacture testing equipment and supply test consumables for a wide range of tests applicable to gloves, rubber, footwear, leather goods, PPE, furniture, automotive components and etc. Equipment are conformed to international standards. We represent SATRA exclusively in supplying test equipment in Malaysia since 2005. Contact us for more information.


ELLUTIA LIMITED UK have more than 20 years experience in providing innovative Chromatography solutions. The main focus of Ellutia is to supply and customize complete chromatography solutions to analytical problems that fit exact requirements of the customer. Ellutia products have been used in Material testing, food testing, environmental analysis and many more. Kemas Kurnia (M) Sdn. Bhd. exclusively represent Ellutia in Malaysia and Singapore. Contact us for more information.


NOBLEGEN UK are market leaders in the design, development and supply of laboratory and industrial gas generators. The company is also globally known for its' liquid gas generation systems. The generation systems are designed to replace conventional cylinder and bulk-liquid supplies and allow the user to generate their own gases on-site at the touch of a button. We are committed to assist your requirement for NOBLEGEN's products in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Contact us for more information.


Kemas Kurnia have more than 24 years in supplying laboratory instrumentation and consumables for the scientific community in Malaysia. We supply laboratory equipment, glassware & plasticware, consumables products and chemicals. Chemicals with poison license B are among the wide range of chemicals offered. Brands of chemicals, reference standards, reagents, and lubricants. Among the list of brands are Fisher, Sigma-Aldrich, Merck, Alfa USA, Cannon, BDH and etc. Contact us for more information.


Kemas Kurnia provide the best solution in terms of safety with a full range of products and services for full compliance with safety regulations. We assist customer on their PPE and safety requirement to ensure an accident-free work environment. With a wide range list of brands for PPE and safety solutions, we advise self-conscious organizations to implement the proper safety products at the best value. We carry various brands such as 3M, Uvex, local brands and many more. Contact us for more information.


JETFLOAT LIMITED CANADA is a globally known manufacturer of pontoon system. The company is the original of modular docking company since 1976. The pontoons are applicable in various industry such as recreation, agriculture, military, safe & rescue, and many more. Kemas Kurnia have exclusively represent Jetlfoat since 2003 for the South East Asia (SEA) market. Jetfloat system can be implemented as temporary bridges, docking system, swimming pool and many more. Contact us for more information.